Saturday, November 23, 2013

While there is not this much snow in November, it is well worth painting snow scenes when the snow is flying. The low light is here in November as are the cold temperatures which affect the colors and how it "feels". In Vermont the low light skims along the ground. In Colorado it is in the middle sky (which is why we can see so far there). In California, the light reflects from the moisture in the atmosphere and is "all over." Emphasize this by using dark, mid-tones or lightest lights in the sky. Most of all record light, which I think of as the color of butter, or your paintings can be "too cold."

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I drove by this Vermont Farm in Tunbridge and saw the white buildings with the faded fall cornfield. The corn said fall as well as the muted colors. Being close to winter, the Vermont light is very low.
I painted a very bright painting and then over laid the fall tones. Its the same action nature takes. The plants freeze on the outside and the colors fade from the surface before the whole plant dies and looses its vibrancy.